More than 50 years of evolution

Founded as a family company in 1957, the backbone of Piher's business ever since has been the design and manufacture of clamping tools. Our products are of high quality and are destined for the rigorous professional sector that demands both reliability and durability.

Our broad experience and continuous improvement in materials and production make our products a sure choice for demanding jobs.

Quality certificate ISO 9001:2000

Our tools are manufactured with top-quality materials to guarantee their excellence and compliance with European standards. 80% of the tools we sell are designed and manufactured in our factory based in Spain.

Confidence in our production systems and quality control allows us to offer a total guarantee against any manufacturing fault for over 30 years. Besides this guarantee, the current claim average for faulty tools is 65 out of 100,000 items sold.

Present in all 5 continents

Our entry in foreign markets was in 1995 when we went to our first international fairs. From then on, our exports have risen dramatically and now exceed 50% of our total sales with the European continent our main market, although our tools are available in all 5 continents and sell in tens of countries all over the world.

Continual commitment to the environmental

The certificated ISO 14001:2004 obliges us to comply with national and international environmental policies to keep improving our environmental friendliness in all of the departments of the company.

In each new product, during the design phase there is a special department devoted to minimising the environmental impact in when choosing materials such as raw materials, finishing and packaging. The results of these studies also directly affect products in the manufacturing process which the benefit from these improvements.

More efficient logistics

Domestic orders for all the articles in our catalogue are dealt within 24-48 hours. This deadline is the same for the rest of the world, though arrival depends on the type of transport used.

Our factory is located in Logroño, having over 2,000 square meters exclusively for manufacturing and a further 2,000 square meters for storage and offices occupy a further 500 square meters. Their efficient use allows us a very flexible production capacity of between 1,000 and 2,000 tools a day with no increase in machinery needed.

Economy for the Common Good

PIHER company supports and is involved in the Economy for the Common Good for a market system focused on promoting the Common Good and cooperation.

We are developing the Common Good Balance 4.0 to evaluate the implementation of these values.