MAXIPIHER R CLAMP Bar:40x10mm Depth:16cm

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Extra resistant rolled steel bar 40 x 10 mm
Maximum pressure 10000 N
Throat deep 16 cm
Covered screw thread
The new handle, both dismountable and interchangeable
With greasing hole.
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61030PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-30 cm.3.5 Kg
61040PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-40 cm.3.81 Kg
61050PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-50 cm.4.13 Kg
61060PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-60 cm.4.44 Kg
61080PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-80 cm.5.07 Kg
61100PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-100 cm.5.7 Kg
61120PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-120 cm.6.33 Kg
61140PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-140 cm.6.96 Kg
61150PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-150 cm.7.27 Kg
61160PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-160 cm.7.59 Kg
61180PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-180 cm.8.21 Kg
61200PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-200 cm.8.83 Kg
61220PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-220 cm.9.46 Kg
61250PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-250 cm.10.09 Kg
61300PIHER CLAMP MAXI R-300 cm.10.72 Kg